ATM HACKING CARD: Every day, thousands of people around the world are becoming more and more financially buoyant because of our blank atm card services. Most of these people are just like you, working hard to make ends meet while hoping for change to come. But like in every area of life, financial freedom is only for the brave-hearted. Those who are willing to take action. Those who are always looking for ways to supplement their income stream. And those who are not afraid to try when they are being given a chance.

At, we are all about giving chances. Excellent chances that guarantee your financial freedom. Our ATM hacking forum has developed ultra-modern ATM hacking tools capable of bypassing any anti-spyware around today! We understand that this is a bold claim. 

However, the continuous news coverage of ATM hacking backs this claim! There is therefore no need of asking if blank ATM cards are real – of course they are! Countless times, we have successfully programmed blank ATM cards to act as hardware sniffers and malicious controllers. These ATM hacking devices can intercept PIN codes and send instructions directly to different components within the ATM enclosure, making them to dispense cash. 

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There are several ATM hacking Shops online offering different ATM hacking devices like EMV skimmer, GSM receiver, ATM skimmer, POS, Gas Pump, Deep Insert, and so on. These devices have a scope of utilization. From one perspective, there is a less popular class of “deep insert” devices that are connected to ATM machines to extract sensitive monetary data of clients. Alternatively, there are sure packages where a person does not need to insert devices into the ATM to introduce malware for data extraction. In this case, the customer already has a cloned credit or debit ATM card having the same withdrawal limit as that of the original card. This is what we are offering you! A stress-free way of cashing out on a daily basis. All you need to do is place an order you are on your way to the ATM to make your withdrawal.

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Buying a blank ATM card from an ATM hacking shop is probably the most effective approach adopted by vendors all over the world. This is because it offers more security (both to the vendor and customer) than selling ATM hacking software or ATM hacking tutorials. Often times, the major challenge for prospective customers is finding the right vendor. The dark web is filled with scammers ready to take your money fast without looking back!! To be sure you aren’t dealing with a scammer, avoid releasing your personal details or responding to unsolicited emails. In addition, try to run background checks on who you intend to patronize. Take note of how long they have been in existence, what people say about them, and what kind of offers they are currently making.


Here is our price lists for the ATM CARDS:


$10,000:                  $500

$20,000:                  $1000

$35,000:                  $1700

$50,000:                  $2500

$100,000:               $5000

All prices included standard shipping while express shipping attracts extra fee to receive card asap.

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It is important you understand that different cards have different withdrawal limits. We would never promise you unlimited cash withdrawal using a single card as that is completely unrealistic! For this reason, we run different packages. From blank ATM cards that lets you withdraw $2000 per day for a maximum of 30 days to blank ATM cards that lets you withdraw up to $50000 within 20 days. Please, contact us before placing an order. Also, do well to leave a comment/feedback to help us improve our services to you. The price list below covers shipping and express service. However, orders coming from outside the US and EU member states may attract a higher charge. Thank you for your continuous patronage.

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  1. Martina Richard

    The card i bought was delayed for 10 days before i used it but at the end i cashed out 10,000 euros with it

  2. Bernhard Leopold

    I have been scammed more than 10 times looking for a good autoshop, now I’m glad i finally found you guys. is the best

  3. Theresia Georg

    I’m mike and i want to know if the cloned credit can be use in Nigeria. I have a friend of mine who use it to cash out in UK. Please reply me on time so that i can know what to do.

  4. Rudolf Thomas

    Blessed is the day i came across your site, you have made me richer than i ever imagined within a short period of time. I am really grateful thanks for coming through for me.

  5. Kilian Gabriel

    I want to purchase a dump card

  6. Leo Marco

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  7. Benjamin Jasmin

    Money transfer is working hare?

  8. Rita David

    Nothing much to say Than is the real deal, Y’all just go fu*k with em’ These ATM Cards are so Legit, WTF I can’t believe I have made a whooping $45,000 in a 2 months with daily limit of $1,500 Withdrawal

    1. Chaleaze

      is this website legit. Do they actually do what they say and send good products you purchase. thank you

  9. Sandra Lukas

    My name is sandra i am from New York, i want to testify about the blank card i got from I placed an order and it was delivered to me so i went using it at the atm machine to my surprise it worked perfectly.
    i am so happy right now because i am no longer in debt and my family is doing great. God bless you Thanks for coming to my aid my kids says thanks

  10. David Jayden

    Excellent system, can not praise enough.
    Fast, efficient, easy, trustworthy, would recommend to anyone to buy their card.

  11. Moritz Jacob

    I wanted to purchase a card. Is this really legit and 100% gonna let me hit the atm ?

  12. Amelie Tom

    I want to testify about russian hacker atm cards With which can withdraw money from any atm machines around the world. I was very poor before and have no job. I saw so many testimony about how russian hacker send them the atm magic card and use it to collect money in any atm machine and become rich. . . I have made over $25,000 in the past few months with these ATMs as i keep on placing new orders after exhausting the balance of the card at hand. Thanks guys!!! I’m gradually getting back on my feet again.

  13. Fabian Anton

    Extremely impressed! I bought a couple of cards and I asked how fast could it be shipped. I ordered it that afternoon and they overnighted it. It arrived at my office the next 2 days morning in perfect condition. The customer service was excellent they checked on me and my order throughout the entire process. I will definitely be using them again for further high end purchases.

  14. Maximillian Felix

    I received my card after 4 days I paid and I went through the atm and hit 2,500 bucks and my limit is done for the day. am waiting to go burst up another 2,500 tomorrow. Easy and user friendly card.

  15. Raffael Matheo

    Pls I want to ask if I get the card I can also use in getting money on the ATM and HW will it work…

  16. Felicitas Gray

    I got my ATM card after 7 days of payment, received and cashed out it was actually worth the wait. thank you guys.

  17. Sebastian Severin

    I do not know how to write dumps neither do i have the machines and experience in it so i had to order for atm cloned card and it was shipped within 2 days to Wisconsin. I’m pleased to say my card paid 10k within 4 days. Thank you

  18. Mustafa kalyar

    Great service, honest persons, I get my payment on time, once again i appreciate their honesty, diligence and fast service.

  19. Moin Rafique

    I Appreciate they are provided, and they are truly professional and 100% trustable.

  20. Paul Marlon

    Has anyone bought a cloned dump atm card with pin and have successfully cashed out??? PLEASE LMK.

  21. Shahab

    they just solved my problem in a few minutes.
    A Fast and 100 % reliable source for funds transfer.
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  22. Danish Awais Khan

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  23. Sabir

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  24. Hamza Nauman

    This was my first time experience with them. It was amazing experience. Very friendly guide me through.

  25. Brian

    Best services so far with no hidden charges. Cards are always on point too. love you guys

  26. Tia Jenkins

    In case you need a good ATM card hacker that can really do the job and sales well. You’d better contact Russian They render the best services

  27. Mandylor

    There’s a risk with everything, but the admin was helpful. I haven’t seen anywhere where they ask what you want and tell you how to get it.

  28. Raymond D

    They are so legit. I have done multiple transactions here with no issues and this month alone I made $85,200 from the atm hacked card.

  29. Mildredblunk

    Thanks for helping out, when I needed it
    You are the best hacker I know. got my $60,000 from the card.

  30. Cedricdum

    I have just received the card and i made 28,000.00 from it. Thank you admin for the transfer

  31. Albert

    Six transaction so far with the card all success. NO failed. I will be back for more deals.

  32. Albertfah

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    I have worked with this hacker and the deal went successfully. Thank you mr hacker for the hacked card.

  33. Chris

    They are bunch of sites that are scam these days but not Russian hacker. 6 outta 7 of the ATM cards worked but after i made a complaint and i sent the proof to the support team, the bad card was immediately replaced with a good one.

  34. Simone Ronald

    ATM card i got paid 10,000 euros here in Germany i’m happy i got the real guys after getting burnt couple of times

  35. Regina Jakob

    I bought dumps with pin thinking i can write it myself but couldn’t i had to opt for the atm card which i paid $500 for $10k balance and it was shipped to my address after 4 days i received it. was sad i could not use the dumps with pin i bought but happy that i got more by ordering from atm card.

  36. Emily

    I really loved working with this website. They took time to explain things to me, (I have a lot of dumb questions) and was just overall wonderful to work with.

  37. Todd K

    You guys did a great job taking care of my needs for my cloned atm card ! All of the staff is very courteous and responsive.

  38. Craig Guilkey

    Very happy with the service, I’ve received my blacked card asap.

  39. muddyclay

    Very speedy and efficient and let you know the status of your exchange or transfer.

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    So very efficient and trustworthy, easy to use and great customer service, in fact one of the best customer services I have ever encountered.

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    The most trustworthy website. I do all possible transactions through Never had a problem.

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